How to apply for STSM

If you want to apply for the STSM, follow this procedure:

Applicants must login with an e-cost user access via the e-cost webpage: Note that the number of THOR is CA15213.

On the STSM webpage, one needs to fill the web-based form and provide the following information:

1) Home Institute, Action Number (CA15213), Title, Grant period, dates and duration of the proposal

2) A proposal should address the following points in a single text, to be submitted via the eCOST web form:

a) Aim and motivation

What are the principle physics questions to be addressed? What is the greater scope which motivates them?

b) Proposed contribution to the scientific objectives of the Action

How does the STSM further the aims of the THOR COST network, as laid out in the memorandum of understanding ( How does the project contribute to a better networking of experts in the subject area?

c) Techniques

What are the primary methods intended to be used? Are they analytical or computational?

d) Planning

What do you aim to achieve within the STSM time period? Are there deliverables (code, publications,...) planned? Will the STSM be followed
up by further work? If this is a further STSM to the same host, how does this STSM relate to the previous one, and what progress has been made?

3) Further supporting documents required to upload via the Supporting Documents page. These documents are the following:

a) Letter of support from the HOME Institution.
b) Written agreement from the HOST Institution that the STSM applicant can perform the activities detailed in the STSM work plan on the agreed dates. (Please, specify if the host will provide matching funds.)
c) CV (including a list of academic publications).
d) Description of mission for outreach activities (maximum half a page, optional but highly welcome)

All this can be sent via the e-cost form.

Supporting Document page (3) will be accessible AFTER you have completed the form above (2).

Guideline for the proposal: typical living-costs in specific countries can be found here.

Detailed information about the procedure can be found also in COST Vademecum on page 30.