THOR board structure

The action Theory of hot matter and relativistic heavy-ion collisions has following management structure:

Action chair

Action chair is Prof. Marcus Bleicher, Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany

Action vice-chair

Action vice-chair and, also, a Grant holder representative is Dr. Boris Tomasik, Univerzita Mateja Bela v Banskej Bystrici, Slovakia

Management committee (MC)

This is the main board of this action. It consists of one or two representatives from each country involved. This board has to approve almost all major decision within this action.

NNC representatives and representatives of other members

This list contains representatives of Near Neighbour countries (currently Russian federation and Ukraine) and other members (currently CERN). They are part of the MC but they don't have a right to vote.

Substitutes of the management committee

These are substitutes for each representative of a country involved in the action, should they have any.

Core group

This subset of MC is formed to make proposals of the action activities.

STSM evaluation board

This board prepares new STSM calls and evaluates requests for STSM's in each call. Currently, this board is the same as the Core group.

Administrative support of COST and Grant holder

Here is the administrative assigned to this action from COST association and, also, the administrative assigned to this action from Grant holder institution.