THOR cartoon


Matter under extreme conditions in terms of temperature and density, as in the early Universe or in compact stellar objects (e.g. neutron stars) can be created and studied with the help of relativistic heavy ion collisions. The European COST Action “Theory of hot matter and relativistic heavy-ion collisions” (THOR) establishes a theoretical community platform as counterpart to the ongoing vigorous experimental activities. A brief scientific introduction to THOR’s activities is available here.

THOR thenovel Introduction

Thor infrared slavery

Here we want to play a little more with the name THOR, and we invite you to enjoy the graphic novel prepared at THOR’s request by Simone Gabrielli of the Scuola Romana del Fumetto, with the assistance of Margherita Tomaselli. Throughout the story you can find some of the elements of the physics of ultrarelativistic heavy ion collisions that we have sketched in our outreach pages.

 THOR Cover ENG Low


Versions with greater resolution are available here: middle - high