Current status of QCD from nuclear reactions to the high energy frontier

This was the first workshop of the COST Action CA15213 "Theory of hot matter and relativistic heavy-ion collisions" (THOR). The workshop identifies the current open problems in the area of heavy-ion physics and the properties of QCD matter at extreme conditions. It stimulates the discussion on how the different Working Groups can interface and cooperate with each other to develop a unified approach to the study of heavy ion reactions. The participants will included the Working Group Leaders. In conjunction to the workshop, there were small individual workshops of the Working Groups. The results of the workshops will be used as input to the Core Group meeting to prepare the strategy and decisions of the Management Committee for the Grant Period 2.

19.-20.1.2017, Frankfurt Institute for Advances Studies, Germany


Nihal Buyukcizmeci - Mechanisms of production of hypernuclei in nuclear reactions

Larisa Bravina - Forward-backward multiplicity correlations in pp collisions at LHC within the QGSMLHC within the QGSM

David Blaschke - GBU approach to quark-hadron matter